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KittyKaddy™ - K9 Kaddy

There are 60 million pet dogs and 70 million pet cats in the U.S.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in 5 pet owners has a disability that may limit our ability to physically care for our pets.

I am disabled. I have six of those 70 million cats, not counting the many lost cats we often foster until we find permanent homes for them. When I first became disabled, I searched everywhere for pet-care tools that were accessible and effective.

There were none. I was desperate because I was increasingly unable to even feed my cats. The prospect of having to give them away was too depressing. As you know, when you are ill or physically limited, that's often when you most value your pet's companionship.

My husband Rob came to my rescue with the development of the Kitty Kaddy and K-9 Kaddy double pet bowl feeders, as well as a kitty litter basket with a handle, and a long-handled litter scoop.

Now pet care is so much simpler. We are proud to offer these unique tools to you, knowing that you too will be delighted with their quality and usefulness.

There is a heartbreaking number of homeless dogs and cats. Now that KittyKaddy has made caring for a pet easier, we hope you will open your heart and your home to one (or more!). A portion of every sale is donated to no-kill shelters and other organizations that support and encourage the adoption of homeless pets.

Adoption is the Loving Option.

For more information on the Kaddy™ series contact Robert or Marsha Peters at 1-800-995-6327 or

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